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CSH Educational Resources was incorporated in Singapore in 1998 and has grown to become a trusted name in learning among schools, libraries and learning institutions. Working with educators and seeing students embark on the journey of reading, self-discovery and learning, has truly been fulfilling and has kept our passion burning to impact more young minds and make a difference, no matter great or small.

Today, technological changes have created new ways to teach and to learn. It is our vision to avail the best tools and resources to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in our fast-changing, globalized world.

Our dedicated and energetic team is constantly exploring creative ideas and innovative products, making happy customers and developing a growing pool of loyal clientele.


The school library is catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning.

At CSH we make every pupil the focus of the library and strive to put good books in their hands, books that will enthuse and motivate them to make reading a discipline.

Our high-quality diverse collections of print, multimedia and digital resources empower school libraries in supporting and developing enjoyment of reading and multiple literacies, as well as providing a learning environment for the whole school community.


“We hope that libraries will always exist as places for learners to find information, resources, services, and instruction. But formats, technologies, learning needs, and our schools are evolving. And so are students themselves. Our entire information and communication landscapes have shifted – and this shift will only continue. 

                                                                                  –   Valenza & Johnston (October 2009)


Collection Development


Planning for open-day collection, library acquisitions, special collections, library refresh?

Curriculum Mapping


Looking for resources for educators and students to enhance curriculum support?


Explore, Create & Collaborate


Handpicking the best print and digital materials to inspire students to construct new knowledge and meaning from the world around them?



Read all you can because it will make you better


Research shows that there is a direct link between reading level and learning results, and that access to reading materials is a key factor in developing engaged and skilled readers.

Children learn in different ways, in different situations, at different rates, from different materials. Although they all go through stages of growth from infancy to maturity, individual differences in growth and learning are marked.

With a wide variety of reading programmes, we offer every student the opportunity to find something that will trigger that “like to read” and set them off a blazing trial in the pursuit of truth, and for lifelong learning and fulfillment!






Technology transforms reading and learning

Online solutions transform the entire learning experience as students and teachers interact with text. Adaptive diagnostic and personalized, differentiated paths target students’ unique areas of need. Real-time reports and progress monitoring provide teachers with action plans for individual and group instruction as well as project student performance.

The advent of e-books literally puts an entire library in your pocket. You can take them anywhere you want and you can read as much as your time permits. E-books are perfect for anywhere, anytime reading pleasure!

The move towards technology-aided learning will only accelerate in coming years.  We offer the best digital solutions to enthuse learners to read more and to read widely to stay ahead and have a bright and successful future.




CSH distributes an extensive range of Grades K-12 academic and trade titles, in print, audio and digital formats by world renowned publishers.
Our team recommend, source and deliver books and resources you need with speed, efficiency and confidence.

We leverage on our strong relations with leading distributors to access many more thousands international publishers.

CSH is well positioned to be your trusted source of supply for all subject materials.



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Financial and Economic Literacy | Grades 1-12
Environmental Literacy | Grades 1-12
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