Cambridge Reading Adventures


Cambridge University Press, in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education, have created a Primary guided reading series called Cambridge Reading Adventures, designed for young children learning to read in English in countries all over the world.

The guided reading scheme follows the International Literacy Centre’s Book band framework, and includes a wide range of pedagogical features which supports early Primary reading.

Cambridge Reading Adventures also includes teacher’s resources and assessment books. The books have been meticulously levelled into eleven book bands which take a child from being a wholly new reader (whatever their language background) in the Pink Bands to being fluent and independent readers able to engage with the wider curriculum at Gold and White Band level.

The series includes both fiction and non-fiction topics, covering a wide range of subjects. Stories are set in international contexts and include traditional and animal tales, contemporary or historic settings, as well as non-fiction reports and explanations.

Each Cambridge Reading Adventures book signposts a link to an International Primary Curriculum unit of work.