National Geographic Ladders: Same great content, four different reading levels

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Reading/Language Arts Science

Social Studies


Common Core Readers
National Geographic Ladders Common Core Readers are built to cover Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, and Writing strands of the Common Core. The program offers a balance of literary and informational texts with a variety of different genres.

Ladders Science covers Life, Earth, Physical Science, and STEM topics for a comprehensive classroom experience. Students engage in learning about science topics from the Next Generation Science Standards. National Geographic explorers and photographers highlight how science is applied in real-world situations and how students can use science to make a difference in their own communities.

Social Studies
Ladders Social Studies consists of high interest social studies topics with engaging text and visuals that align to Common Core State Standards. Through this content, students develop a clearer understanding and appreciation for the world around them.

Online Teacher’s Guides and Program Guides

  • Online Teacher’s Guides are available FREE!
  • Each of the easy-to-use Teacher’s Guides includes a summary of the story, a “Turn and Talk” activity, and a “Write and Assess” section to help guide teacher instruction
  • Program Guides provide the overall goals of the program and introduce the teachers to instructional resources