Read! Explore! Imagine! Fiction Readers



Encourage beginning readers to develop a love of reading with fiction readers filled with colorful illustrations and engaging stories.

This collection of fiction readers will stimulate students’ interest about the world, while broadening their reading experiences, and enriching their academic vocabularies. Students are introduced to a range of genres, including realistic fiction, historical fiction, adventure, poetry, science fiction, humor, diaries, journals, traditional stories, fables, fairy tales, biographies, and autobiographies.


Each text in this Teacher Created Materials’ series is paired with an eight-page lesson and a variety of additional classroom resources to help teachers and students get the most out of these fiction readers.

  • Engage beginning readers with colorful books (15 titles in each kit, 6 copies each) in print and digital formats.
  • Pair fiction books with accompanying lesson plans and teacher strategies detailed in the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Access PDFs of books, teacher resources, student activity sheets, supplemental images, audio, and video digital resources.
  • Track progress with series placement tests and formative and summative assessments in the Assessment Guide.
  • Create a blended learning experience with Interactiv-eBooks featuring two activities per text (one comprehension and one writing).
  • Model fluent reading with professional audio recordings of books and included Reader’s Theater scripts.