Science Readers



Teach content-area knowledge and critical-thinking skills through meaningful science content!

Science, language arts, inquiry, and literacy are combined to create this series of engaging books, each focused on a single strand: physical, earth and space, or life science. The books in this series follow the 5E model of instruction, are written in leveled pairs for differentiation, support inquiry-based learning, and include real-life photos, charts, illustrations, sidebars, and simple science experiments to keep students motivated and engaged while reading and comprehending science content.


Give students the opportunity to explore, collaborate, and think critically about science with this research and standards-based series.

  • Develop students’ understanding of science concepts with exciting, fact-filled books.
  • Build lessons easily and efficiently with carefully thought-out science lesson plans paired with easy-to-follow unit timelines provided in the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Encourage students to learn to analyze scientific data and draw conclusions with 16 Data-Analysis Activities.
  • Activate prior knowledge, introduce new concepts, or spark interest in complex concepts by utilizing The Futures Channel® videos.
  • Access digital copies of each book, simple science experiments, student reproducibles, and more with additional Digital Resources.