Engage Literacy


Engage Literacy is an award-winning programme perfect for guided, independent and shared reading. The precisely levelled readers, comprehensive teacher support, comprehension resources and audio eBooks cover a huge variety of topics and provide an exciting fun programme to engage even the most reluctant of readers.


Book-Banded Readers

Engage Literacy now includes 264 award-winning, book-banded readers. Readers are thematically linked in fiction and non-fiction pairs to encourage a love of factual texts as well as stories and the programme covers a huge range of topics and text types to motivate even reluctant readers.

bookbands_1_pink bookbands_2_red bookbands_3_yellow bookbands_4_blue bookbands_5_green
bookbands_6_orange bookbands_7_turquoise bookbands_8_purple bookbands_9_gold bookbands_10_white
bookbands_11_lime bookbands_12_brown bookbands_13_grey bookbands_14_darkblue bookbands_15_darkred


Engage Literacy Read Aloud & Big Books

New Engage Literacy Read-Aloud Books

The new Engage Literacy read-aloud books are designed for the teacher to read to the whole class and introduce children to key vocabulary. Pupils will love finding out about the adventures of Min Monkey and Lea.

9781474731072 9781474731041


New Engage Literacy Big Books

The new big books provide a wonderful collection of poems, rhymes and songs which are perfect for sharing in the classroom. With vibrant illustrations and fun, rhyming text, children will experience different genres and lots of different topics (teacher support included).

9781474738293 9781474738309 9781474738316 9781474738323 9781474738330 9781474738347


Oral Language Big Books

The Engage Literacy oral language big books are perfect for using with pairs or small groups of students to encourage discussion and participation.

9781406258226 9781406258233 9781406263633 9781406263640


Teacher Resource Books

These easy-to-use books provide an overview of the programme and components as well as helpful instructional support for each title. Also included:

  • A literacy block model
    incorporating whole class and small group instruction as well as lesson review and assessment
  • 3 photocopiable activity worksheets
  • 3 running records – essential for assessing pupils’ progress
9781406257069 9781406257434 9781406257731 9781406258035 9781406258363 9781406263619 9781406263626


Wonder Words

Wonder Words is an essential educational resource that teaches children their first 100+ high-frequency words in a meaningful context, through fun and interesting stories.  It comprises 24 highly visual, engaging story books – incorporating repetition and rhythm – that introduce children to their first 100 high-frequency words in an enjoyable way.



Engage Literacy Comprehension Kits

These kits are perfect for independent use with precisely levelled text, questions and ‘Your Turn’ activities for children to do on their own. A good variety of text types is covered including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, stepby-step instructions and more. Each kit contains:

  • 42 precisely levelled comprehension text cards (6 copies of each)
  • 9 comprehension strategy teaching cards
  • An overview teaching card that links individual text cards to the 9 key comprehension strategies
  • Comprehension strategy poster showing the 9 key strategies
  • Teacher’s resource book
  • 7 answer cards