• Manage any digital content
  • Distribute content to pupils
  • Add videos, photos, and sound
  • View shared files
  • Moderate pupils files
  • Innovative ‘launch pad’ interface

  • Works on tablets, phones, and laptops
  • Pupils and teachers can easily create web content
  • Embed, videos, sounds, or other web content
  • Single click, safe blogging to j2webby
  • Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review

  • A complete set of online tools
  • Encourages creativity in lessons
  • Colourful and pupil friendly interface
  • Appeals to reception and KS1
  • Single click, safe blogging to j2webby
  • Easy learning conversations and assessment using j2review

  • Works on tablets, phones, and laptops
  • Covers all coding areas of the curriculum
  • Can be applied to other subjects
  • Lesson plans included
  • Single click, safe blogging to j2webby
  • Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review

  • Allows you to setup a database and maintain, organize or classify the information
  • Step by step suggestions on how to teach each year group
  • Can be applied to other subjects
  • Lesson plans included
  • Share and publish data
  • Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review

  • Enables learning conversations and assessment across your school
  • Can work with any assessment framework
  • Integrated into our award winning Toolsuite
  • Runs on any modern device

  • Works on any modern device
  • Visual representation of pupils’ votes
  • Clear indication of the class’s understanding
  • Colorful interface
  • Appeals to children of different ages

  • Produces wonderful animated films
  • Sound recording facility
  • Includes a large music and effects library
  • Scripts can be added for use in school productions
  • Includes a library of colourful backgrounds

  • A complete set of measuring tools
  • A ruler, calliper, protractor, and more
  • Both square and isometric grids
  • Encourages independent learning

  • Uses the world’s most popular blogging technology
  • Can be used as a school website, or linked from your existing one
  • Ideal for displaying pupils’ work
  • E-safe, yet powerful and easy to use
  • Enables e-safe comments from parents, governors, and others

  • Unlimited student websites and blogs
  • E-safe and easy to use, uses the latest technology
  • Works on tablets, phones, and laptops
  • Easily create class or project blogs


Product overview

The Just2easy Toolsuite is a collection of online educational tools specifically designed to engage, motivate and inspire pupils to meet and exceed many elements of the National Curriculum.

The Toolsuite encourages pupils from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3 (ages 5-14) to create, share and safely blog work at school and at home. It is also an effective resource for teachers, enabling file sharing, collaborative learning and assessment and tracking.

J2launch is the landing page for the tools, and also enables management and distribution of any digital resource.

The ‘my files’ area gives teachers and pupils a dedicated space to upload work from tablets, phones and laptops. This becomes an effective e-portfolio for the school.


J2launch enables you to manage and distribute any digital resource, including content created with the Just2easy tools. Developed by the award winning team at Just2easy, it is both simple and powerful.

The user can easily create a button which links to any web based content. This can then be shared with other users in the school.

Pupil’s files are immediately visible to the teacher directly through the innovative ‘launch pad’ interface, and learning conversations and assessments can easily be added using j2review.

Taking schools further…
Using the launch library the user can create a launch button for any resource, either from the list of existing buttons or by creating a new one. This one click process is easy and creates an image for the resource on the user’s Launchpad.

Alternatively, an administrator might want to distribute email buttons to all staff that links to the school email system, or share a variety of media to defined groups and classes. J2Launch enables schools to manage the web easily, integrating any other digital resources to develop a cloud based curriculum simply, anytime, anywhere…


Easy to use
J2e is an online, fun, creative environment. Children use J2e intuitively, just like a sheet of paper.
Text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, and embedded objects can be combined on a single web page. With no software to install, J2e can be used on any browser, anytime, anywhere.
Esafety is at the heart of J2e. J2e employs some of the latest Web 2.0 technology, in an educationally relevant, esafe environment. Teachers can choose to moderate pupils’ work before it is published.
J2e forms are a way of creating questionnaires to gather data, comments, or other information from different groups. Data can then be displayed, shared, and saved to a file. This could be used for whole class data collection or for obtaining the views of parents, staff, and governors.


Write is a simple to use writing tool, ideal for stories. A choice of word banks are available to help support this age group. Children will enjoy experimenting with presentation and style. Coloured backgrounds can be chosen to aid learning.
Paint is an easy to use creative tool. Children can paint freely with different sizes and colours. Shapes and stamps are easily selected, as well as colourful template backgrounds, and pictures from a picture bank.
Turtle teaches children the initial concepts of direction and simple programming. Children can design their own ‘turtle’ and plan a route for it to follow. Fantastic nursery rhyme and adventure templates are included.
Chart gives the simplest introduction to line, block, pie, and bar charts. Simply mix one or more chart type on the page. See the chart change instantly as the numbers in the table are changed.
A simple and fun introduction to data handling. Pick from a range of topics such as favourite fruits, colours, or pets then just click the buttons to add or take away the relevant pictures. Draw your own pictures or select from the picture bank.
Animate is a tool for creating simple but exciting animations. It is a natural progression for children to draw a picture in paint, then use animate to make part of it move. Make snowflakes fall, crabs scuttle across the beach, and cars race across a track. Children can transform their pictures into mini-movies.
Blend together any of the other tools into a mini e-portfolio. Add a picture to some text on one page, then move on to an animated story on the next for example.


Meets all of the coding elements of the National Curriculum computing programmes of study for KS1 and KS2, 2014
Teacher resources fully mapped to the new curriculum
Step by step suggestions on how to teach each year group
Share and publish code
Can be integrated into our award winning Tool suite
Runs on any modern device


Meets all of the data handling elements of the National Curriculum computing programmes of study for KS1 and KS2, 2014
Teacher resources fully mapped to the new curriculum
Step by step suggestions on how to teach each year group
Share and publish data
Can be integrated into our award winning Tool suite
Runs on any modern device


J2review makes formative assessments easy, using any progression framework and enables teachers to give informative feedback quickly and effectively real-time.


J2vote enables children to vote on any question set by their teacher or peers, using tablets, phones, and laptops. There is no need for expensive single purpose hand held sets.
The children’s opinions are automatically charted giving a visual representation of the decisions the group have made, with the chart updating dynamically as votes are cast. J2vote can give a teacher a clear indication of the class’s understanding and identify any areas or subjects in which children need extra help.
An educational voting tool
The colourful interface of J2Vote is designed to appeal to children across different age ranges, which helps them engage with the chosen subject or topic.


This exciting product enables children to produce animated films with stop frame animation. Using green screen technology, children can select a backdrop for each scene. A library of colourful backgrounds is provided.


J2Measure is a comprehensive set of measuring tools. It includes a ruler, calliper, protractor, angle measurer, and scaling tools. Students can calculate the length, angle, and area of any objects on the screen.
The angle measurer dynamically updates as you change the size and shape of objects on the page.
Scale drawings are easily created with both square and isometric grids. A custom scale feature allows you to define your own scale for even more flexibility.
Using the distance and perimeter tools pupils can calculate the length of a journey or area of a map or aerial photograph.
This tool set has been created to encourage independent and collaborative learning.


J2webby encourages pupils writing by giving them audience and purpose. It’s easy to use, with single click publishing from j2e5, JIT, j2spotlight, j2vote and other Just2easy tools.
Stretch your pupil’s potential
J2webby empowers schools to create and develop a cloud based presence that reflects their individuality, allowing all of the members of the community, teachers, pupils, parents, heads, and governors to participate.


A powerful web site creation tool. Users can create a blogging web site for themselves or for groups within the school. Our award winning j2e5 is built into j2bloggy to enable versatile content creation.